VFR Over-the-Top Rating

Break the Ceiling

 Priveleges of a VFR Over-the-Top Rating

The VFR OTT rating is the benchmark not too far from starting your instrument rating.  With the OTT rating, you may exercise the priveleges of your PPL, during daytime hours, above a layer of solid overcast or broken cloud, using your instruments to assist with your navigation as opposed to the ground.

Training Syllabus

In order to obtain your night rating, you must complete a total of 15 hours of dual instrument instructional time. 


Once a student has successfully completed the minimum amount of flight time AND has been deemed competent by an authorized person to fly over the top, the OTT rating will be issued.


All applicants must already hold a PPL, therefore at least 5 of the instrument hours will already be completed within the PPL training syllabus.


Regardless of long or short term personal goals, ALL APPLICANTS MUST hold a valid private pilot license.