Sightseeing Flights

Update: As of April 8, 2021, the Government of Ontario has enacted a provincewide shutdown. In accordance with the applicable regulations, sightseeing flights have been suspended until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience.

The city of Kingston has great historical significance in Canada - and is truly a sight to behold. Throughout the nineteenth century, Kingston was the a frontline city in the War of 1812, the largest population centre in what is now Ontario, and the first location of many English-language universities in British North America. Today, the several campuses can be seen formulating the settlement of Kingston, as well as the Royal Military College on the peninsula next to old Fort Henry, paying tribute to its past as a vital military point in Canada.


When flying around on an airline flight, you may only grab a glimpse of the outside area from the air. With a guided and dedicated aerial tour, you will take part in a truly unique experience that will help complete your trip to the historic City of Kingston.


Touring the area's many landmarks, including the 1000 Islands, Boldt Castle, Singer Castle, the Ivy Lea Bridge, historic waterfronts featuring old shipwrecks, and classic architecture of the city is a must-do as a part of any tour when visiting the City. We can take up to three passengers at a time in the Cessna 172, and customize your route of flight around the area.