Night Rating

Break Free From Daylight's Bounds

Priveleges of a Night Rating

The Private Pilot License enables you to fly during VFR conditions from sunset to sunrise in any Canadian registered airplane you are already licensed in. With your night rating, you are free to take to the skies whenever you wish, now that you have no need for the sun. Sunrise flights are spectacles of beauty that are available only to a few, and getting your night rating could admit you to this exclusive group.

Training Syllabus

In order to obtain your night rating, you must complete a total of 20 hours of flight time, including:


  • 15 hours of dual instruction, including
    • 10 hours of dual instrument instruction; and
    • 5 hours of dual night flying instruction, including
      • 2 hours of dual cross-country night time instruction; and
  • 5 hours of solo night flight time.


Once a student has successfully completed the minimum amount of flight time AND has been deemed competent by an authorized person to fly at night, the night rating will be issued.


Any previous instrument training time may be credited towards the requirements of this rating.


Prior to commencing training, students must obtain their Private Pilot License.