Kingston Norman Rogers Airport

Global Flight Training Solutions is located at the Kingston Norman Rogers Airport, which is the only facility between Toronto and Ottawa with ILS approaches available. The airport has two runways, one 6,000 feet long and one 3,900 feet long. 100LL aviation gasoline and Jet-A fuel are available through Central Airways, the FBO where we are situated.


The airport is supported by a Flight Service Station that is open 7 days a week, which strongly adds to the environment of safety and eases the stress of learning for new students.

Airport Information

The Kingston Norman Rogers Airport (CYGK) is Kingston's only public airport. The airport is supported by a Flight Service Station (FSS), which is similar to a Control Tower, by providing real-time information and assistance to pilots, as well as assisting the flow of air traffic.


Features of CYGK:

  • Flight Service Station open from 06:15 to 23:00, 7 days a week
    • The airport is still open after FSS operating hours, with pilot-controlled ARCAL runway lighting system
  • Radio and GPS navigational aids available and published
    • Instrument landing system for the longest runway
    • GPS approaches for all runways
    • Non-directional beacon nearby
  • Three large designated training areas within minutes of the airport
  • Easy-to learn local geography
  • Large ramp for ease of movement on the ground

  • Non-intense traffic levels

  • Short ground times


All of these features make the Kingston Airport your top choice for a learning environment, especially for new students to aviation.

Weather Information

Collaborative Flight Planning Services (Nav Canada)

1-866-WX-BRIEF (992-7433)


Aviation Weather Website (Nav Canada)


Local Weather (Environment and Climate Change Canada)                                                                                                             

Central Airways FBO

Central Airways is a full-service FBO at Kingston, which is also the building we call home. The FBO is open to transient aircraft, as well as full serve fuel services, aircraft tie-down and storage, general aviation maintenance, transportation arrangements for Kingston, and more.


Contact Information:

Website -

Phone - (613) 389-9300

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Address - 1138 Len Birchall Way, Hangar 1, Kingston, ON K7M 4M1

UNICOM - 123.350 MHz