Licenses & Ratings

Global Flight Training Solutions offers premium quality instruction and pilot training at competitve rates. This is the place for you to start your adventure into flying, whether you have professional aspirations or are simply looking to go flying on the weekends.


In aviation, the learning never stops. After you finish work on your Private Pilot License (PPL), you have opened the floodgates of possibility, and GFTS is ready to help you get started. We offer training for the Group 3 Instrument Rating, the VFR Over-the-Top Rating, and the night rating.

Qualified and Experienced Instructors

Our instructors have over 30,000 hours of flying experience, with backgrounds in business aviation, commercial aviation, and service in the Royal Canadian Air Force. With a large variety of experience and know-how among our cadre, you are guaranteed to have top-level training that will give you the strongest foundation and the best structure to build your flying capabilities.

Flexible Scheduling & Logistics

As anybody in the industry will tell you, aviation is full of last-minute quirks, changes, and logistical challenges. At GFTS, we are committed to working with you throughout any challenges you may face in order to help you complete your flight training.


Our approach to financing is pay-as-you-go, enabling you to be in charge of your pace of training, which takes the pressure off of you to ensure that you are in complete control of the services you are being provided.


For the students who are new to the flying scene, we make available a package containing vital tools, such as a pilot training record, a pilot logbook, textbooks & study materiel, maps & charts, and more. Various components of this package, such as the local maps and charts, are available for individual purchase for all pilots and students as well.


Our ground school classes are conducted online, where a more flexible pace is available for students to learn at a rate that is comfortable and quality assuring. We will also continually check in with the students' progress and understanding of what they have covered so far, and ensure that they are progressing well and understanding the knowledge that is being taught in the ground school program.