COVID-19 Safety


As of April 8, 2021, the Government of Ontario has enacted a provincewide shutdown. In accordance with the applicable regulations, sightseeing flights have been suspended until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Further details may be viewed in summary below or on the attached safety policy.

The COVID-19 global outbreak has affected the operations of all flight schools, and GFTS is no different. However, we are continuing to operate under the guidelines and regulations that have been mandated by all federal, provincial, and local authorities.


Flight Training: Students who wish to begin or continue training may do so. While in the airplane, a mask that adequately covers the nose, mouth, and chin is required to be worn.


Aircraft Rental: Renters will still be permitted to rent an airplane. If the renter (pilot) is flying solo, or all of the passengers on board reside in the same household, a mask is not required to be worn. In any other circumstance, the same mandate of wearing mask will apply as it does under Flight Training.


Sightseeing Flights: Sightseeing flights have been suspended until further notice to comply with provincial public health restrictions.


General Procedure: All persons who enter the GFTS office must wear a mask that adequately covers the nose, mouth, and chin. While in the office, all persons should reduce the number of surfaces and items that they touch to only the necessities. Physical contact, such as handshakes, is not permitted. Hand sanitizer is made available for all persons who enter the office. Between flights, the interior surfaces of the airplanes are disinfected, although persons who board the airplane are still strongly encouraged to wash their hands before and after their flight.


By Appointment Only: All patrons who attend on-site must do so by booking their flight in advance. Persons who are not yet registered with us may contact us via the "Contact Us" page available above to make arrangements.


A detailed COVID-19 safety plan, as required by the Government of Ontario, is available below.