About Global Flight Training Solutions

Founded in 2020, Global Flight Training Solutions was established in Kingston with the goal of creating a flight training unit that prioritized operating with effective managment that understood all of the aspects that go into flight training from every angle. GFTS is an institution that emphasizes professionalism, promotes safety, and empowers students to strive in their ambitions.

Going Beyond Training

Our mission is to provide top-quality training that will benefit your flying no matter which course you take in aviation. The method in which we teach is by way of mentorship, promoting modern methods of resourcefullness and communication which, in line with our mission, promotes safety. A student is considered crew when training on board an airplane, and viewed as an equal in the dignity that must be maintained in a professional environment such as flight training.


In aviation, the learning never stops. After getting your license, we will continue to offer you training, mentoring, and supporting you in your flying. Our airplanes are available for rent to licensed pilots, and can be used to let you take advantage of your hard-earned acheivements.