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Global Flight Training Solutions is Kingston's answer to the call for refreshing the general aviation market. From providing quality flight instruction to mould successful and sharp aviators to delivering the best aerial views in the city, we will take pride in every flight we fly.

Flight Training

Have you ever noticed an airplane taking off, landing, or passing overhead and thought "Hey, why couldn't I do that?" Have you been flying for years and want to finally learn to fly IFR?

Have you been on the ground for a while, but want to get back in the cockpit?


At GFTS, we provide quality instruction for whichever level of flight training that you looking to acheive. With experienced pilots who will mentor you to become talented aviators (or for those with experience, more talented).

See the Sights of Kingston

Kingston is the maritime beacon of the St. Lawrence River, opening it into Lake Ontario. Guided tours from the air will include the 1000 Islands, Boldt Castle, Singer Castle, the Ivy Lea Bridge, and more.


Throughout its history, Kingston has seen the pioneers of Canada modelling a country, became the capital city for a brief moment in time, defended Canada in wartime, and has led the way in the establishment of several distinguished universities. The architecture and development of the city is impressive to see, but utterly breathtaking from the air.


We provide a unique perspective of the town and surrounding area, and there is no better view than from the air. Contact us, and we'll give you that view!

Aircraft Rental

Our aircraft are available for rent to anyone holding a Recreational Pilot Permit, or a Private or Commercial License, after they have completed a checkout with one of our instructors.